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Establish Scientific Committee to ensure research excellence in HydroCen

Four scientists from different fields of expertise have taken on the challenge of reviewing HydroCen’s research and results.
The first meetings were recently held at NTNU in Trondheim, where they were presented with ongoing, and planned, research projects.

– HydroCen provides an exceptional framework for the advance of hydropower research and development. I’m excited to be part of it, says Juan Ignacio Pèrez- Diaz, professor at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and expert in power systems- and scheduling.

 – Results will be useful world wide

– HydroCen is a massive project that aims at a better, more flexible utilization of hydropower. It is focused on the industry in Norway, but the results will be useful worldwide, says Niels Jepsen, sr. researcher at Technical University of Denmark and expert in aquatic ecology.

– The objective for the Scientific Committee meeting is to review future research proposals and assess their potential and the results. While the size of the project and the expertise of the scientist involved promise good specific results, the great challenge is to tie the different disciplines together to achieve truly transdisciplinary progress. We, as the Scientific committee, will do our best to assist in this process and hope for good communication between the different parts of this large project, says Jepsen.

Professor Leif Lia presented work package two, Hydropower structures

Unique opportunity

The four members arrived well prepared having already received an overview of all activities in HydroCen through project plans and links to publications and reports. This led to fruitful discussions already in the first meeting.

– Hydro Cen provides a unique opportunity for energy and environmental research, which else would not be possible, says Thomas Staubli, professor at Luzern University and expert in mechanical engineering.

– So many different topics – that´s a great challenge and a unique opportunity, says Marcus Aufleger, professor at University of Innsbruck and expert in hydraulic engineering.

– The Scientific Committee will give a report in February 2019, and the date for the next meeting is set for 23rd-24th September 2019.These are very exciting research questions, and I am very curious to learn more about the results at the next meeting, says Aufleger.


Scientific Committee:
Thomas Staubli – Luzern University
Juan Ignacio Pèrez- Diaz – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid 
Niels Jepsen – Technical University of Denmark
Marcus Aufleger – University of Innsbruck 

Representatives from HydroCen
Birger Mo – SINTEF Energy
Michael Belsnes – SINTEF Energy
Tor Haakon Bakken – SINTEF Energy
Olve Moe – NINA
Torbjørn Forseth – NINA
Juliet Landrø – NINA
Anette Havmo – NTNU
Arne Nysveen – NTNU
Leif Lia – NTNU
Ole Gunnar Dahlhaug-NTNU

About HydroCen

HydroCen is a Research Center for Environmentally friendly Energy. Our goal is to develop knew technology and knowledge so hydropower can meet new challenges and enable the transition to a fully renewable energy system.

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